Keep yourself warm - winter essentials!

Hello sweethearts! 

Since it’s December (and I live in the part of Europe where winter months get really cold) I’ve decided to make a post with tips how to keep your outfit warm without looking like you’ve escaped from an Eskimo village ;) Enjoy! 


  1. Thermals - it’s very important to wear something close to your body, in case cold wind wanna make a visit under your coat;
  2. Sweaters - well, hello, Miss Obvious, but thick sweater is a must in the winter time; 
  3. Coats - I prefer coats over jackets just because they cover butt and of course you don’t want to chill your kidneys; 
  4. Tights - I know there’s a lot of people who hate wearing tights under jeans but believe me, it’s the best way to keep your legs warm;
  5. Biker boots - I love biker boots because they have very thick sole and they look really good with socks or leg warmers tucked in;
  6. Beanies - there’s nothing more important than protecting your head from cold because most of your natural warmth goes this way plus I have a thing for pom pom beanies lately;
  7. Snoods - they not only look stylish and make your outfit complete they also helps you avoid sore throat. 

Tomorrow I’m going to the movies with my friend Tina to finally watch ‘Cloud Atlas’ (OMG I love Ben Whishaw’s acting so much I can’t wait to see him being perfect as always!). I need to prepare comfy clothes and remember about my thermal mug (literally the best way to keep yourself warm - taking hot coffee or tea wherever you go) because that’s how everything outside looked today: 

So yeah, it’s pretty cold, but I love it. Christmas are coming, guys! Are you excited as much as I am? Let me know what’s on your Christmas wishlist this year! I hope you enjoyed the post :) 

Much love,

Agata xx

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